Let us take the reins

and together we create your desired outcome!


Let us take the reins

and together we create your desired outcome!

From the moment you open the door, a story unfolds…
so make it one you love.

A RAW home creates a kind of magic as you walk through the door.

It’s warm, it’s inviting and it captures the kind of lifestyle you envisage living in.

Using intuitive design to complement your lifestyle, we strategically play with the layout, colour, soft furnishings and more, to help you piece together forever homes.

We’ll help you set a scene that satisfies the soul

Whether you’re setting up the home of your dreams, or helping your buyers envision their future lifestyle, effective interior styling speaks to the heart and demonstrates ease of living.

If choosing colours, rugs and furniture leaves your head in a spin, don’t stress. We can come in at any stage of the process.

Presale Action Plan

Have one of our creative duo visit your space and provide 90 minutes of tailored advice and a recommended Pre-sale Action Plan.

The touch up

Creative tweaks and tidy-ups to depersonalise, unclutter and “spruce up” the place.

the raw makeover

Transform empty spaces into warm, inviting abodes. Have us implement a professional styling strategy that injects personality and source for you a beautiful selection of timeless furniture.

The homeowner refresh

If you want to bring picture-perfect style into your own home, we can implement the same principles for personal enquiries.

why choose us for your project?

Fun, energetic and a reliable team to work with we are passionate perfectionists!

Invested in the outcome as much as you are, we get it, and we care! If you’re after a smooth and efficient process for interior styling (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg), we’re your gals.


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